February 21st 2018


Spellbound: Muses of Madness

Location: The Cutting Room
44 E. 32nd Street
New York, NY 10010


Embrace the irresistable and enchanting allure of the muses of Spellbound and their bard of the dead as they present the second coming of dreams and fantasy. Prepare to be bound in your desire, wed to your dreams, forced to gaze upon tragedy and beauty reflected in mortality and sensuality. The 
show will leave you seduced, desperate for another taste of bliss before the sun rises to set the self upon the void of reality. Escape on the tides of passion and drown in waves of euphoria. Give yourself the gift of dreams. Submit yourself to the fairy gods of obsession as they bring you through the darkness. 
This macabre show inspired by the style ofart noveau will include elements of dance, burlesque, pole, poetry, stage craft and aerial art.

The Spellbound muses include: Mademoiselle Estelle, Ravena Rose, Miranda Bishop, and our Bard of the Dead

$18 PreSale General Admission
$25 Reserved Center Seating
$30 Door Price

Read about our debut performance below:

Spellbound's Debut

Audience members joined the elegant and enchanting seductive muses of Spellbound as they presented their self-titled debut show that left those that immersed themselves spellbound and begging for just a few more moments of beauty beyond the benign. Escaping from the inconsequential, freeing themselves from the mundane and allowing themselves the gift of mystery. The audience gave themselves over to the sister gods of temptation as they were taken on a journey… This gothic show included elements of dance, burlesque, pole, poetry and aerial art.

Hosted by our Bard of The Dead, acts presented by Mademoiselle Estelle, Ravena Rose, and Miranda Bishop

October 6th 2017